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Kassy - Rewind [Mini Album]
Posted by Admin at 06 September 2019 19:46
Category: Album & Single
Kassy - Rewind [Mini Album] MP3
Artist: Kassy
Album: Rewind
Release Date: 20190905
Bit Rate: 128kbps

Track List:
  1. 가을밤 떠난 너 (Story Of Night Fall).mp3
  2. 우리 사랑이 저무는 이 밤 (Love Sunset) (Feat. Jay Moon).mp3
  3. 지친 하루 끝에 너와 나 (You And I In This Hard Day).mp3
  4. 꿈만 같은 일이야 (Like A Dream).mp3

Free Download Kassy - Rewind [Mini Album], Download Kassy - Rewind [Mini Album] MP3.

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